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Tactical Knife Tips

    Material used in tactical knife blade

    1. Stainless steel: knife blade made from stainless steel is hard, sharp and do not rust as easily as ordinary steel. This is because of the present of chromium that prevents itself from oxygen and moisture in the air. 2. High carbon stainless steel: this material uses more carbon amounts than in stainless steel. With high carbon in tactical knife blade, it makes the knife blade harder than the one made of stainless steel 3. Plastic: plastic knives are not sharp and not hard. The best benefit of plastic knife is disposable. 4. Ceramic: ceramic knives are lightweight, maintain sharp for very long and donít corrode easily. But because of its hardness, ceramic knives canít be sharpening the same way as steel blade which normally is a harder material such as industrial grade diamond sharpeners.

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