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Tactical Knife Tips

    Tactical knife handles

    Same as tactical knife blades, knife handles can make from several materials. It depends on your knife’s propose to match the best suitable material for your knife. 1. Wooden handles: can offer a perfect grip, cheap but not vey durable. With modern laminate technology, wooden handles improve in making custom handles a lot easier. 2. Plastic handles: lightweight, offer an easy grip but may slippery for person who suffer from sweaty palm problem. 3. Rubber handles: durable, soft and offer a perfect grip. Rubber handles are best to cushioning impact force. 4. Mircata handles: mircata is a composite material, made of layers of either paper or cloth glued together. When used in tactical knives, it offer water-repellent and ages a lot slower when compare with normal wood. It also is excellent insulators.

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